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DO. LEARN!  Approach

June 2016:

DO 4: Its the Law: Legal investigations in the world of Music 

LEARN:  Reading Comprehension, Writing, Copyright basics, Music Genres, Basics of Judicial system

April 2016:

DO 2: Robots, Drones, and Connected Living Environments

LEARN: programming, math skills, data gathering, reading and writing, oral presentation

May 2016:

DO 3: Stock Market Simulation

LEARN:  probabilities, math, reading comprehension, basic business concepts

March 2016:

DO 1: Building an Online Magazine:  Branding Products, Branding YOU

LEARN:  web design, writing, marketing communications, branding and sales

Each month features a new project that engages students in a real-world challenge. Upcoming projects include:


July 2016:

DO 5: Design an Interactive Children's Book 

LEARN:  publishing using webtools, writing, user interface, psychology, basic graphics, book design

August 2016:

DO 6: Becoming an Entrepreneur

LEARN:  Idea generation, Research, Budget Analysis, Business Planning, Oral Presentation, Market positioning