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DO. LEARN!  Approach



Estad is an innovative "DO LEARN!" experience that teaches students an in-depth knowledge of school curriculum using hands-on real-life entrepreneurship, science, and leadership scenarios.   Estad's unique program incorporates hands-on, practical age-appropriate projects which can yield similar knowledge to that which is learned in a school curriculum.  We believe this engaged learning enhances the permanence of knowledge gained and develops innovative leaders.​

Estad empowers learners to have access

to an exceptional, personalized and

innovative education that enables them

to be both happy and successful in our

rapidly changing world.  We provide this

through our novel project-based learning

model.  The traditional (current) education system is based upon a century-old model

established to supply an educated workforce ready to meet the needs of the Industrial Revolution.  This method, developed by Carnegie Foundation in 1906, standardized the educational process by use of the Carnegie Unit which gives credit for each hour of class time the student spends with the instructor.  The time-based focus of the traditional education method is archaic and ignores individual competency and learning.  Moreover, we have long passed the Industrial Revolution.   During the last 25 years, we have embarked in an Information Revolution and hence will need a different workforce with different training.  Simply put, we need to have more analytical learners who are critical thinkers.

At Estad, the focus is on learning and competency as it is applied to a student's needs and desires. Our DO LEARN! program engages students in vibrant, creative and connected learning by challenging them with unique multidisciplinary projects.  DO LEARN! creates opportunities for groups of students to investigate meaningful questions that require them to gather information and think critically.  Each month, students work with a small team to address the challenges presented by their project with the assistance of our staff, resources and each student's ingenuity.  The projects are carefully designed to cover various disciplines of the middle school curriculum.  When finished with a monthly project, the student will have covered the material taught by the current traditional methods and beyond.  It is our aim to develop knowledgeable graduates with superior understanding of content areas as well as practical leadership and business skills.